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                                                   To schedule an event:
                                                   Contact Misty Clanton at City Hall 
                                                   Fill out Contact Form below 
                                                   Or stop by RAD Art Gallery 

                                                  RAD Art Gallery - 337-221-3030    

​                                                   Misty Clanton - Director of Community Service City of DeRidder
                                                   Phone: (337) 462-8900

​                                                   Gallery Hours:   Wednesday - Saturday 11AM - 3PM

Any art related group may use the gallery as long as a RAD member is present. A 20% commission is charged on any proceeds made by the event unless the event is sponsored by a gallery member.
In that case, the commission is still 10%. 

Event sponsors must perform setup and leave the gallery clean. Tables and chairs are available,
but other supplies needed for the event must be provided by sponsors.

Donations to the gallery for its use are always accepted. 

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